From brand identity and advertisements to promotional and display design, I’m here to help you or your small business communicate your brand visually.

Your customers need to be delighted. They want to smile when they see your brand, use your service, or try your new product.

Sometimes you can design it yourself, and sometimes I can do my own taxes. But I get a better return when I take them to an accountant, right?

So peruse my work-and then please keep me in mind for your next project!

My Services include:

Logo Development/Design




Customized Greeting Cards

Elements for websites

Printing Services - business cards, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, booklets and more!


Here's why I like to work with small businesses. You have so many hats on your head.

You are running to the office supply store, answering phones, emails, taking orders, cleaning the bathrooms and making payroll. Chances are you're doing your own marketing and design, or your secretary is creative.

It's like when your hair catches on fire. You may eventually put out the fire yourself but not without some damage.

I can help you with your creative projects-making you look more professional, while still keeping a reasonable budget.